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F. reached out for prayer because she had fibroids in her belly and desperately needed a touch from the Father.

She was 7 months pregnant and concerned with her baby having little movement. F. stated that the biggest fibroid was the size of a tennis ball. It was extremely hard and a huge concern!

After receiving prayer over the phone, F. received the healing she sought after, Praise the Lord!!

F. testified the next morning the largest Fibroid was gone. 3 days later she texted Pegge that she felt her belly and can no longer feel any…THEY ARE COMPLETELY GONE!!! She is also praising the Lord because her baby has much more movement so both mother and child are free! Glory be to God!!!

For with God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!  HalleluYah!

If you need prayer and are out of the country God has made a way through Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp! Video or voice call is also available for those in the United States! Jesus already paid the price for our healing and is still healing, saving and delivering His people everyday! Amen!!

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Brenda, Canada – Extreme Insomnia and Fibromyalgia HEALED!

After suffering 17 years of extreme insomnia, God healed Brenda over the phone!

She wants us to imagine how it feels to sleep every night and not take rest for granted. She now sleeps every night.  Praise God!

God also healed Brenda of Fibromyalgia! Through Holy Spirit counsel and words of knowledge God brought understanding to a life time of suffering experienced even while she loved God!

Brenda’s whole countenance has changed and she looks absolutely beautiful and well rested.

She gives all Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

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D. from Washington – Delivered From Childhood Trauma and Fear/Anxiety!!

D. suffered with fear and panic attacks to the point she was expecting them as this was her life! She was being robbed of the freedom Jesus died for her to have! She was snared in a circle of fear that led to panic attacks and panic attacks that added more fear.

After receiving prayer over the phone and through a Word of Knowledge given by the Holy Spirit, D. was freed from the root of the fear. D. was amazed that as the word of knowledge came forth so did the flood of memories confirming the word.  She was able to forgive and let God take it all. This also brought so much understanding to her as to how this root commanded her actions throughout her adult life. Doctors had prescribed medication but only the Holy Spirit will uncover the root!

D. is now living panic attack and fear free!!  She is experiencing the peace she has longed for! She is now learning to live her life “UN-afraid!” Praise God!

Only God can uncover and break where we have agreed with the enemy.