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The Journey Continues


Thanks for joining me! Details regarding my personal healing story continue below…to God be all the glory!

Thirty years ago I was leaving school when a man on drugs hit me head on doing 65 miles an hour.  I was stopped at a stop sign and the impact of the crash totally crushed my body.
My face was crushed by the top of the steering wheel. My Maxillofacial Surgeon was ready to retire and said he had never seen a case as bad as mine.
The bottom of the steering wheel pushed my ribs out of place causing me to have surgery and rib removal. My muscles were ripped so extensively and my nerves damaged causing them to grow back through the holes of the muscles. My nerves would misfire causing my body to spasm. My major organs were damaged causing me to almost 20 surgeries on my stomach. The adhesions grew back so bad that they would pull on my intestines. When my gall bladder had to be taken out even my gall bladder was covered in it he adhesions. My stomach was so bad that pictures were put into the New England journal of medicine to teach doctors and surgeons through my case. But the worst was the muscles were literally ripped away from the bottom of my spine which caused my spine to move and when I moved or sat or was in a certain position it felt like it would come through me. It was  sharp as a butcher knife.
No amount of pain medicine would take the pain away. For 30 years the only time I was not in pain was when they were putting me under for surgery.
I had always believed God I had always known that God was real. God would flow through me as a counselor and a pastor and I would see people be healed and I would see people be delivered and saved. But when I went home at night I would cry and whine God why won’t you heal me. He said I already have.
Surgeons told me that there was nothing else that they could do. They told me to go home and die! They would give me all the pain meds that I wanted but there was nothing else they could do for my organs in my belly..
I remember walking out in the parking lot looking up to the sky and saying, “God I need a miracle. I’m gonna do whatever I have to do.” I fasted, I prayed, I read the Word, I spoke the Word, I lived the Word and then God sent me to a miracle meeting and it took God less than 5 minutes to totally heal me.
That night God gave me a brand new belly, He gave me a brand new spine with new muscles and nerves. He healed my mind from the racing thoughts. He healed me of fibromyalgia and took all the pain. I was done with medicine that very night without any withdrawals.
I was healed and sent out into full time ministry that very night. God still heals, saves and delivers His people!

“You sent Your Word (Jesus), and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” Psalm 107:20 (KJV).