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Pastor Clinton on Deliverance

I have been in ministry for 28yrs and have done deliverance but Pegge is a cut above your average deliverance minister. Pegge taught me while bringing deliverance from generational inherited spirits. Any minister in the 5fold ministry can go to Pegge with confidence. I have had 3 sessions and have become progressively stronger in my walk with Christ. God overshadowed Pegge bringing deliverance to me and my family and we all have experienced freedom in various areas. Thank you Pegge and may God bless you with more of His glory to set the sick and afflicted free in Jesus name.
Clint from S.C

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Dan from Washington

The holy spirit has touched my life since I was 12. However, through constant family disturbances / insanities growing up, I was always drawn to a safe place – playing the piano. Little did I know it was the shelter Jesus used to sing his praises and still does, 53 years later. Pegge has been ministering to me since February 2019 when I was delivered of Generational curses and soul ties. Gone is the foggy mind of confusion. The word of GOD now breaths life into my eyes, heart and soul and growing quickly in my walk with Jesus.
The devil has tried many times to kill me, yet Jesus always saves me from the snares. I’ve received partial healing manifestation and continue to believe for 100 percent healing for the rest of the afflictions. Yesterday I received healing power of GOD. My heart rhythm was reset. Pegge revealed to me what Jesus revealed her. I have Gods heart. Everything else is a lie from the devil which does not lineup with the word of God. I truly understand now that we must live in Christ…In HIM. Praise be the GOD and for his servant Pegge.

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Jean From Texas met the Master who loves her!

My dearest sister Margaret,
The time we spent together this morning was a much needed answer to my many prayers over the years.
I have been tortured by the enemy for so very long, always in tremendous pain, having trouble all over my body,  as well as dealing with mental problems .
God intervened!
Everything that you spoke over me was the truth! Each thing you covered with me was a concern in my life.
But yet through it all, I have clung to the knowledge that God would heal me.
I was surprised however when he delivered me from so many evil, generational curses.
My mother delved into witchcraft when I was a child. The lord revealed that my grandparents of both sides were guilty of delving into the wrong sinful things and it was carried down to me. I was delivered from this all in Jesus Name. I was so very thankful and immensely touched when you told me that an angel was standing behind me, ministering to my body.
Another thing that blessed me so much was when the lord put a robe upon me, and a crown upon my head, and gave me a sash of truth.!
I am so filled with happiness and joy that the Lord has not only healed me, but he has encouraged me as well.
The ministry that the Lord has given to me was also confirmed  before I even spoke anything about it to you.
My sister, I am blessed to know you, and I am thankful for all the prayers you pray on my behalf.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
God bless you.

In Jesus Name


I almost forgot to include  the fact that while we were speaking, I was able to move so much better  as well as lift my knees  to my chest! Praise God! I have never been able to do that!
Love you dear sister

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Andrew from Washington – Freed from a Vagabond Spirit

I had lived a troubled life and when I was 17 years old, something happened where I could no longer sit still and nothing made sense to me.

I had just started really venturing out into the world and felt the world drawing me, so I began to travel around even though I did not have any money or a job.  I did do a few things to make money in between, which was not necessary all good.

When I was 19 years old, I found myself in a church.  I was destitute, hungry and cold. 

I began crying out to the Lord.  I said, “Look God, if you’re real I need to know that you’re real”.  

While I was in that church,  God gave me a vision and the vision consisted of me standing on a porch.  I noticed that while standing on this porch, that it was a beautiful, sunny day and I believed that it was in California, because I was born in California. 

When I was 22 years old, I was really having a hard time, so I ended up traveling back to the West Coast and met up with a couple of friends who had told me about Pegge Golden.  My friend suggested that I should call Pegge, so I did.  We set up an appointment and we prayed and the Lord revealed to Pegge that I had a vagabond spirit.  The Lord also used Pegge to give me words of knowledge. 

One of the words of knowledge was for me to look around and when I looked around, the Lord brought back to my remembrance that I was standing on the very porch that He showed me in the vision when I was in that church at 19 years old.  Just like in the vision, the sun was shining, and even the trees were the same.

Through this confirmation and experience, I absolutely knew that God was real and because of this, I got saved and delivered.  I has stayed in touch with Pegge and I am now working a normal job and I refer people to Pegge for prayer.  PRAISE GOD!!!

“For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones.” – Psalm 37:28