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Enemy Removed From Marriage And Home

Aug. 13, 2021: Yesterday, I felt for the first time after the prayer with Pegge that our house felt empty, emptied of a demonic entity or presence. It literally feels cleaner. Something evil that was in the house, in the marriage, and in the family is gone. Pegge had asked us whether we had brought in any cursed object from our parents. I went through the entire house and looked at things but felt nothing. Pegge also asked whether the enemy has a legal right. Scott and I both prayed about any sin or idol we do not know and heard nothing. But the house is empty, clean. It is as if there had been a third person in the marriage and the family that had destroyed it. All of a sudden, we have harmony and peace. Even the children are more loving, although we did not tell them much. I wonder whether it was a demon of strife/quarreling/fighting that I had brought in from my parents. There were many facets that contributed to our marriage difficulties, but I can feel that something that was between us is GONE. This demon was the third person in our marriage that separated and destroyed us. Now it is gone. Jesus can take his rightful place as the third person in our marriage. All glory to God!

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Freedom From Spirit of Religion

I praise God and glorify Him for his saving power.  Ever since you prayed for me, I’ve been delivered from the spirit of religion.  My mind is more clear to think on Godly things and read the Word of God, I can now discern more with a lot less judgement.  The Holy Spirit is also leading me to see where there was judgement and rigidness thinking towards situations.  By the power of God I can now clearly see the enemy coming at me with those thoughts and I am able more easily to submit my mind to God and resist the devil.  The thoughts still come but now I can see them and use the sword of the spirit.  I also feel less offended towards people and things they say.  I also learned many things from your session and you prayed for healing of any generational afflictions in my female reproductive organs and I know that I am healthy and perfected for His service.  
I ask the Lord to continue to strengthen and bless you to free the captives.  Thank you for your service in the body of Christ.  In love, Cecilia G

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Deliverance and Financial Breakthrough

Kambushe from Namibia has a Real Estate License but needed financial breakthrough. You can see her video on YouTube how God mightily set her free from many hindrances she suffered throughout her life. After prayer God moved!

Her friend Faith introduced Kambushe to Jesus Today Ministries. Faith had been seeking God for a home for her and her daughter but time after time the time just wasn’t right! After Kambushe’s deliverance God’s miracle working power went forth. Read the testimony from Faith below:

Good Day Sis,
I trust you are well,the Lord has done it again just immediately after Kambushe’s prayer.I received my long awaited bank house approval and I have tasked her to look for a house.
Even though houses are expensive we are trusting God for a miracle house.
Thank you Jesus,thank you for your prayers sis
Kind Regards,Faith

God knows everything about us and He is here for us!

Nothing is hard for Him. We believe Him and depend on Him!

Glory to God!!!

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Beautiful Testimony Free of Emotional Pain

Hi Pegge,

I just wanted to let you know that I feel so much better emotionally
ever since you prayed for me. Praise God! Thank you Jesus! The emotional
pain that was always lingering there is gone. It is such a relief. I
always need a few days or even weeks to figure out what has changed
because sometimes I hardly noticed that pain (I got good at distracting
myself) and other times it was really bad but I’m feeling really good
for quite a while now which is amazing. I don’t even remember a time
where I didn’t have this emotional pain. I do still have things that
cause emotional pain but only if I think about them or talk about them.
But so many emotional things have healed already. Thank you so much for
your help! I’m also starting to be happier and more at ease. Life is good!
I’m sorry the connection was so bad last time. I hope it will be better
next time. Will you be able to meet with me in a few weeks?

God bless you sister!