About Me

peggegoldenprofilepic I am a Pastor with a MA in Christian Counseling.

I have loved God my entire life! I have been in deliverance and healing ministry for 25 years.

My undergraduate studies took place at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts and Oral Robert’s University in Tulsa,Oklahoma.  I continued my education by earning a Master’s in Christian Counseling with Christian Leadership University which is based on hearing the voice of God.

Thirty years ago I was hit head on from a high rate of speed crushing my body. After 29 surgeries, specialists determined I would live out the rest of my life 67% permanently disabled and have to take pain medication for the remainder of my life.

After being told there was nothing further to be done in medical field I cried out to God for His miracle to heal all of me! He led me through my healing where I had a Divine Encounter with God Himself -my Healer. God gave me a new spine with all new muscles! He gave me a new stomach! He set me free from fibromyalgia and ADHD! He set me free from being housebound by pain and medications! He set me free and then sent me out into ministry!

My message to all is that Jesus still ministers, heals, saves and delivers TODAY!♡  I am the Author of “Awaken” Finding the Deep Well of Faith for the Miraculous available on Amazon, Bookstores or on the Jesustodayministries. org/products/