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Enemy Removed From Marriage And Home

Aug. 13, 2021: Yesterday, I felt for the first time after the prayer with Pegge that our house felt empty, emptied of a demonic entity or presence. It literally feels cleaner. Something evil that was in the house, in the marriage, and in the family is gone. Pegge had asked us whether we had brought in any cursed object from our parents. I went through the entire house and looked at things but felt nothing. Pegge also asked whether the enemy has a legal right. Scott and I both prayed about any sin or idol we do not know and heard nothing. But the house is empty, clean. It is as if there had been a third person in the marriage and the family that had destroyed it. All of a sudden, we have harmony and peace. Even the children are more loving, although we did not tell them much. I wonder whether it was a demon of strife/quarreling/fighting that I had brought in from my parents. There were many facets that contributed to our marriage difficulties, but I can feel that something that was between us is GONE. This demon was the third person in our marriage that separated and destroyed us. Now it is gone. Jesus can take his rightful place as the third person in our marriage. All glory to God!

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