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Freedom From Spirit of Religion

I praise God and glorify Him for his saving power.  Ever since you prayed for me, I’ve been delivered from the spirit of religion.  My mind is more clear to think on Godly things and read the Word of God, I can now discern more with a lot less judgement.  The Holy Spirit is also leading me to see where there was judgement and rigidness thinking towards situations.  By the power of God I can now clearly see the enemy coming at me with those thoughts and I am able more easily to submit my mind to God and resist the devil.  The thoughts still come but now I can see them and use the sword of the spirit.  I also feel less offended towards people and things they say.  I also learned many things from your session and you prayed for healing of any generational afflictions in my female reproductive organs and I know that I am healthy and perfected for His service.  
I ask the Lord to continue to strengthen and bless you to free the captives.  Thank you for your service in the body of Christ.  In love, Cecilia G

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