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Beautiful Testimony Free of Emotional Pain

Hi Pegge,

I just wanted to let you know that I feel so much better emotionally
ever since you prayed for me. Praise God! Thank you Jesus! The emotional
pain that was always lingering there is gone. It is such a relief. I
always need a few days or even weeks to figure out what has changed
because sometimes I hardly noticed that pain (I got good at distracting
myself) and other times it was really bad but I’m feeling really good
for quite a while now which is amazing. I don’t even remember a time
where I didn’t have this emotional pain. I do still have things that
cause emotional pain but only if I think about them or talk about them.
But so many emotional things have healed already. Thank you so much for
your help! I’m also starting to be happier and more at ease. Life is good!
I’m sorry the connection was so bad last time. I hope it will be better
next time. Will you be able to meet with me in a few weeks?

God bless you sister!


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