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Pastor Clinton on Deliverance

I have been in ministry for 28yrs and have done deliverance but Pegge is a cut above your average deliverance minister. Pegge taught me while bringing deliverance from generational inherited spirits. Any minister in the 5fold ministry can go to Pegge with confidence. I have had 3 sessions and have become progressively stronger in my walk with Christ. God overshadowed Pegge bringing deliverance to me and my family and we all have experienced freedom in various areas. Thank you Pegge and may God bless you with more of His glory to set the sick and afflicted free in Jesus name.
Clint from S.C

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  1. My name is Rachel Bur, from Maryland. I was diagnosed severe backpain at January 2020. Pastor Pegge pray for me and with the power of Jesus I was healed. The Lord event mention to Pastor Pegge that we have financial difficulties. Thank you Jesus and Thank you so much Pastor Pegge. May the Lord bless you abundantly. 💚💜

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