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The Journey Continues


Thanks for joining me! Details regarding my personal healing story continue below…to God be all the glory!

Thirty years ago I was leaving school when a man on drugs hit me head on doing 65 miles an hour.  I was stopped at a stop sign and the impact of the crash totally crushed my body.
My face was crushed by the top of the steering wheel. My Maxillofacial Surgeon was ready to retire and said he had never seen a case as bad as mine.
The bottom of the steering wheel pushed my ribs out of place causing me to have surgery and rib removal. My muscles were ripped so extensively and my nerves damaged causing them to grow back through the holes of the muscles. My nerves would misfire causing my body to spasm. My major organs were damaged causing me to almost 20 surgeries on my stomach. The adhesions grew back so bad that they would pull on my intestines. When my gall bladder had to be taken out even my gall bladder was covered in it he adhesions. My stomach was so bad that pictures were put into the New England journal of medicine to teach doctors and surgeons through my case. But the worst was the muscles were literally ripped away from the bottom of my spine which caused my spine to move and when I moved or sat or was in a certain position it felt like it would come through me. It was  sharp as a butcher knife.
No amount of pain medicine would take the pain away. For 30 years the only time I was not in pain was when they were putting me under for surgery.
I had always believed God I had always known that God was real. God would flow through me as a counselor and a pastor and I would see people be healed and I would see people be delivered and saved. But when I went home at night I would cry and whine God why won’t you heal me. He said I already have.
Surgeons told me that there was nothing else that they could do. They told me to go home and die! They would give me all the pain meds that I wanted but there was nothing else they could do for my organs in my belly..
I remember walking out in the parking lot looking up to the sky and saying, “God I need a miracle. I’m gonna do whatever I have to do.” I fasted, I prayed, I read the Word, I spoke the Word, I lived the Word and then God sent me to a miracle meeting and it took God less than 5 minutes to totally heal me.
That night God gave me a brand new belly, He gave me a brand new spine with new muscles and nerves. He healed my mind from the racing thoughts. He healed me of fibromyalgia and took all the pain. I was done with medicine that very night without any withdrawals.
I was healed and sent out into full time ministry that very night. God still heals, saves and delivers His people!

“You sent Your Word (Jesus), and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” Psalm 107:20 (KJV).


20 thoughts on “The Journey Continues

  1. As I took a phone call with Ms Golden, We begin to pray & then God begin to use her to point out many things I was struggling with, without me even mentioning it. I was astonished & overwhelmed with Joy. I felt like God led me to her.
    She prayed prayers for Deliverance & really went deep, by speaking directly to generational curses, demonic alters, & idols I had in my family history. She is extremely knowledgeable about the demonic and help me get Freedom.
    I thank the Lord for hearing me & answering my prayers, & Ms Golden for not giving up on reaching out to me 😉

  2. Praise God I would like to give Glory & Honor to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I had been going thru some demonic oppression & bondages and God divine intervention of opportunity to connect and speak with God’s Mighty General . Brought deliverance and freedom . I’m honor to have an Jesus explosion that has revolutionized my life. The devil will try you but stand up in Jesus Mighty Armour Dip with his precious Blood. This testimony is Cover in the Blood Of Lamb.

  3. Thank you Jesus! I Praise honor and Glorify you my King. I had a tia (mini stroke) a few years ago , which effected my right eye, caused my eye lid to get weak which made if difficult to open my eye and blink it. Pegge Golden prayed for healing in my eye and I praise God he Healed my eye I can blink and open my eye as before . As she continued to pray for me I was delivered and free by the Blood of Jesus!

  4. I was called to Christ during a particularly difficult time in my life at age 41. I had been an outspoken opponent of the Christian faith for over 25 years. My friend connected me with Pegge and God led her through a deliverance of my demons and sins. I am a changed man of God. He has healed me and forgiven me. He has brought me into his fold. I thank him everyday for people like Pegge who are here on Earth doing his work. Giving freely of themselves to help reach and save the lost souls of this world. There is peace and deliverance through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour! Truth shall set you free! Thank you Pegge! You have helped guide me to the light, to a brand new life in Christ.

  5. Pegge Golden has an extraordinary gift matched with the deepest compassion of a true disciple of Christ. Immediately I felt safe and nurtured when our phone call began and instantly felt the presence of Jesus when she began prayer. Tears poured out as life long demons and curses left me and God’s sanctifying unconditional love filled my heart and spirit. I absolutely 100% died to Christ that day and was reborn as the precious daughter of the most High God that I was always intended to be. What a true blessing to be called Home so unexpectedly after a life of enduring generational curses and abuses, which lead to my involvement in the occult and new age religion. I will never be the same. No amount of yoga or meditation or crystal therapy or tarot card readings will ever deliver a soul from Satanic bondage… only through Jesus Christ can we find true salvation. Hallelujah and Amen!!

  6. A week ago, I requested a prayer for my family and me. That day The Lord Jesus set me free!!! From a generational bondage that persuaded me. I thank God that Pegge Golden is sumbitted to the Holy Spirit and prays in earnest about her fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope you each of you grow in the knowledge of Christ and seek him in prayer. She doesn’t seek self satisfaction but to give God glory in what she does.

  7. Thank you Jesus for your love and your mercy. Thank you for your faithfull daughter Pegge. After a year and a half of being oppressed by the enemy and being house bound , I feel so light and free like a feather. Pegge flows with the Holy Spirit, she led me through generational curses and sins. Right into my Fathers loving arms! Thank You Jesus!!!

  8. All Glory to God♡♡♡

  9. I have suffered with panic attacks for the past 8 years (because of Graves Disease; Thyroid was removed) with it being the worst in the last 3 years. The panic attacks were so bad that I was unable to be by myself (even if it was just for a moment for my husband to go to the bathroom) and to venture outside and go shopping, that was impossible as I would immediately get light-headed, dizzy, fast heart rate, high blood pressure, shaking, weak and the feeling of gloom and doom. I lost multiple jobs over the fear this produced and numerous times the ambulance was called to my place of employment because of the panic attacks were so bad.

    This then recently graduated to where it was robbing me of my sleep. I would wake up at least 3-4 times a night with panic and would only get 1-2 hrs of broken sleep. This lasted for 3 weeks until Pegge Golden began to pray for me. I began to sleep 7-9 hrs. It has been a full week of not waking up in a panic and I praise God for it!

    Not only did God touch me, but in our prayer time with Pegge my husband was also healed of generational curses that we did not expect, but God is good!

    Through this ministry and through the faithfulness and loving woman of God who prayed for us, I have found freedom, hope and joy again. I am still believing for the restoration of my thyroid and the healing of my gall bladder, but I know it is coming. My hope and faith has restored and I know that I am loved by my Father in Heaven. Thank you Lord!!

  10. Glory to God Barb!

  11. I have been a believer since i was young but it has been a bumpy ride. On my side of things anyways. I have made many mistakes and failed miserably at times but God is good. I had just come out of a particularly bumpy phase and when Pegge prayed for me she was definitely in point with the Holy spirit and got me back where i needed to be. Since then God has called me into the ministry and i am working towards that goal. Thank you Pegge, be blessed!

  12. Duane from Canada
    All my life I’d been under the torment of demons. I went through mental and emotional torture, as well as physical – numerous times I’d have weird and sudden illnesses which, I believe, were an attempt upon my life.  Sometimes I would see demons. Always nighttime was something to dread.
    I also had overpowering thoughts and fascinations with death & war, and struggled with various addictions. At age 18 evil spirits entered me while I was listening to satanic music . I was living in rebellion, yet I also
    kept giving my life to Christ, and knew there was a call upon my life to preach the gospel. Finally I made a final re-dedication to the Lord at age 21, when the Holy Spirit said to me that I would never have another chance if I did not return to him THEN.

    I became a pastor and he drew out an amazing gift in me to preach. Yet there were dark still issues in my life.

    In 2008 I developed a strange illness that doctors, and four hospitals, could not explain (they finally labeled it “en ephalo-meningitis”. ((See Notes Below))   One day in the hospital I felt a demonic presence come down upon me like a tube over my head and severe panic and depression began to squeeze my mind. It was a long road for me to even cope and function in society after that.

    Through a journey (which included seeking deliverance from a few sources) the Lord led me to pastor Mark Hemans on YouTube, and I sought ministry from his North American contact, Pegge Golden.  She has ministered to me on the phone several times, and each time I am more and more free! I have been wondrously healed from nerve damage (brain, eyes, back, hips, feet), as well as healing in my wrists.  I also received healing in my ears to which were both damaged.

    I have also never before known the spiritual FREEDOM that I now enjoy! The Lord has delivered me from generational issues as well as personal bondage of anxiety and torment. Hallelujah I am free!  And, God also healed dysfunction within my family bringing restoration with my children!

    I have also long felt called to deliver and heal others (Luke 4:18, 19 have long been my life verses). I believe now that I am free, my prophetic gifting (operative before, along with seeing and discerning people’s battles in the spirit) will soar with none of my former limitations! I already have had a few instances of God flowing through me delivering others since being prayed for by Pegge, but am HUNGRY TO LEARN MORE ….

    Pegge and pastor Mark, thank you for your gentle and humble spirits, and your devotion to the Master! I am excited for what the future holds as I walk out my destiny and calling by the Spirit of Jesus!

  13. 12/22/18 – Dan from Washington had an encounter with the Master as follows:

    ((God told me to pray rejections off of him:  There was repentance and forgiveness as well!  Dan had never mentioned his children to me but God knows everything about him!  Jesus only showed me the stress he was experiencing and what the root of the problem was.  Dan later told me that he was at the point of just giving up on his adult children because it hurt him so much!  For his own health this was a choice he was contemplating!))

    Dan’s daughters had rejected him.  The more he loved on them the more they rejected him and now they had refused to let him see his grand children for over a year. 

    Dan’s twin sons both were addicts.  He did have contact with his sons.  His sons were both addicts since high school and are now in their 30’s!  He watched the horrible suffering of drug and alcohol addiction, being homeless and beat one time with baseball bats.  They also suffer from severe depression.  One of his sons had died more than a few times from overdosing.

    After his encounter with Jesus:

    Thank you so much for yesterday.  Miracles are happening Pegge!  I spent time with both of my daughters for first time in over a year and they let me give my grandchildren Christmas gifts and I watched them open and enjoy them. My girls finally listened for the first time in years to my side of the story and the division has stopped!

    Pegge, both of my sons in the same week agreed to and are now receiving help!  They have literally in the same week got into rehab for depression and alcohol abuse and the other for alcohol and substance abuse.  They were never able to do this before and they both said, “Now, they are ready!”  After all these years in one week I am thanking and praising God!   So much breakthrough in one week!  God still does miracles!! Thank you God so much!  Pegge thank you as well.

  14. Prayer for our son becomes healing for the family

    My name is Elizabeth,

    Me and my husband have four children. Our oldest child, Nathan, was a late talker. He would have many tantrums, was a picky eater, he had a very limited diet and he had a hard time following instructions.

    In November 2018 our son was evaluated by specialists for his speech delay. They told us that they think he might be Autistic and want to continue evaluating him to further conclude whether or not this is true. However, my husband and I refused to accept Autism in our son’s life.

    We started praying for him and standing in faith for his healing. We also listened to preaches about healing. One day, I decided to look up healing testimonies on YouTube and I came across Mark Hemans’ videos. I was amazed to see God healing so many people at his seminars. I then contacted Encounter Ministries for prayer for our son.

    Pegge, a sister in Christ who works for this ministry, started to pray when the Lord revealed to her that before she prays for Nathan that she needed to pray for my healing first. God showed her that there were generational curses that need to be broken in my life. As we prayed, I laid down on the floor and I felt the presence of God healing me and cutting off every generational curse.

    Ever since she prayed for me, I no longer struggle with anxiety, being shy, overthinking and stressing. God healed me and set me free!! I now have a peace beyond understanding. She then prayed for Nathan and ever since then, he no longer has tantrums at school, he follows instructions very well, he is calm and speaks a lot more than before and now he eats everything we give

    him for his meals. He also eats fruits and vegetables! Which he didn’t before at all. Nathan’s progression is nothing but a miracle from God!! Even the teachers at school have noticed a positive change in his behavior.

    Pegge also prayed for my husband who had severe and chronic back pain for over ten years and when she prayed for him, his back was instantly healed and the pain never came back again. Praise God!

    She also prayed for my sister who struggled with severe anxiety and back pains and she was also healed immediately.

    I grew up in a dysfunctional family that made me and my siblings grow up not having a close relationship. After Pegge prayed for me, my sisters and I started reconnecting and we are getting along very well. We spent the holidays together and it was the first time our entire family had fun with each other.

    Even my husband’s older brother, who we almost never hear from, decided to come over for Christmas supper and they all had a great time as a family. I believe God is restoring the families.

    We thank God for all that He has done for us! We also want to thank Pastor Mark Hemans and Miss Pegge for their hard work. We pray that God blesses them and all those who will hear this testimony. Be encouraged and seek God because by His stripes we were healed! 1 Peter 2:24 Amen!

    Yatan and Elizabeth

  15. Emanuel New Jersey

    Thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that shows us mercy and grace abundantly that we may fellowship, strengthen, and rejoice in Him with one another.
    I would like to thank Pegge who graciously prayed for me as shown to her by the Lord. I had sought prayer where the Holy Spirit moved, and after watching a lot of Mark Heman’s videos on YouTube, I was convinced the Holy Spirit was moving through him. I had been mentally bombarded with oppression from various sorts from my childhood, disaccord in my family, and a lot of things of the enemy. Where things are of the enemy I seek God’s mighty Spirit to deliver me from, and where things are of my own folly I seek God to teach me the right way I ought to go. And Indeed by His word and things written in the Bible I am able to seek the things above and not below. Where I have been shown mercy to extend also to my parents like so. Also to friend, stranger or foe, that grace that’s is taught to us from above.
    Pegge prayed for me on three occasions and I can say that the noticeable change is a more peaceful state inwardly, and that the Lord gave me a heart of flesh and took my heart of stone. This I know because I used to be irritated towards my dad for whatever little thing or mistake he’d made, now I have more thoughts of good towards him. I am strenghthend in the Lord to choose Life and peace that I may daily die to my old man and be renewed in my mind towards Him who saves us, that is God in Jesus Christ.
    Praise to God in Jesus name who fights for us, who heals us, deliver us, who teaches us in the way to go, who shows us mercy and peace that our joy may be full. Thanks to Pegge, Mark, brothers and sisters around the world seeking our Lord, praying constantly to Him in praise for His righteous goodness. 
    To God be the glory and power, forever and ever, Amen.
    Emanuel New Jersey

  16. God has delivered me from curses I couldn’t see. And even delivered my one year old son. I’ve been counseled and through counseling found joy and peace. I haven’t dealt with anxiety since then. My husband and I have been separated for 7 months! He asked to speak with my counselor, Pegge Golden. And now God is restoring my marriage! Glory to God! And for Ms Pegge being used by God.

  17. Jacob from Louisiana

    Praise the Lord, i thank the lord Jesus Christ for deliverance!

    I have been watching brother mark for a while! The ministry has really helped me!

    I was coming over under the attack of lust, and fear, it was a strong attack! i got in touch with the ministry for deliverance!

    Sister pegge contacted me to pray with me! She was very patient and kind, she began coming against many different spirits that the lord was leading her to come against that i didn’t realize was there!

    As she came against the spirits, my stomach started ripping and pulling on the inside and i started coughing and spitting up, this went on for a while, i felt pain and hurt that was in my heart from rejection leave! It felt like something was exploding in my stomach and pushing stuff out of my mouth!

    When she prayed for the lord to baptize me with fire! There was, the only way i can explain it, was an explosion in my belly! Alot of stuff came out of my mouth!

    Sister pegge was persistent to call me three times to pray with me!

    Since the deliverance, theres no more fear, lust is completely gone! I feel the love of Jesus Christ so much stronger now! Its like i walk around now with a greater confidence!

    Its like i had weights on my mind that was weighing me down! Now the weights are removed! I feel much lighter now! So much more bolder in the love of Jesus Christ !

    Praise the Lord Jesus
    I’m very thankful to the Lords faithfulness, and faithfulness of his servants!

  18. Praise be to Lord Jesus, our God and Savior who is forever faithful!

    And sincere gratitude to sister Pegge, a loving and truthful servant of the Master!

    I was experiencing multiple health issues due to severe insomnia, which became so bad that my heart was about to fail. I believe it was by divine appointment that I was introduced to sister Pegge in the nick of time such that God saved my life through her prayers. She prayed with me multiple times over the period of more than a month, with tender love, great patience and anointed prayers. The Lord gave me a new heart and also delivered me from demonic attachment and a bunch of generational curses that I even didn’t know exist. Now my health is being restored and complete victory is at hand!

    Great is His faithfulness! The enemy wanted to bring destruction to my life but the Lord delivered me from the evil snares and set my feet on solid ground. He never leaves us or forsakes us, His beloved children. He is a sun and shield to us, always.

    Glory to the Most High God our Father in heaven, our Lord Jesus Christ!

  19. I have been in ministry for 28yrs and have done deliverance but Pegge is a cut above your average deliverance minister. Pegge taught me while bringing deliverance from generational inherited spirits. Any minister in the 5fold ministry can go to Pegge with confidence. I have had 3 sessions and have become progressively stronger in my walk with Christ. God overshadowed Pegge bringing deliverance to me and my family and we all have experienced freedom in various areas. Thank you Pegge and may God bless you with more of His glory to set the sick and afflicted free in Jesus name.
    Clint from S.C

  20. The holy spirit has touched my life since I was 12. However, through constant family disturbances / insanities growing up, I was always drawn to a safe place – playing the piano. Little did I know it was the shelter Jesus used to sing his praises and still does, 53 years later. Pegge has been ministering to me since February 2019 when I was delivered of Generational curses and soul ties. Gone is the foggy mind of confusion. The word of GOD now breaths life into my eyes, heart and soul and growing quickly in my walk with Jesus.
    The devil has tried many times to kill me, yet Jesus always saves me from the snares. I’ve received partial healing manifestation and continue to believe for 100 percent healing for the rest of the afflictions. Yesterday I received healing power of GOD. My heart rhythm was reset. Pegge revealed to me what Jesus revealed her. I have Gods heart. Everything else is a lie from the devil which does not lineup with the word of God. I truly understand now that we must live in Christ…In HIM. Praise be the GOD and for his servant Pegge.

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