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Online Miracle Meeting Selvi From Germany Has Divine Surgery Removing Cyst On Vocal Cord. HEALED!

Jun 8, 2022
Jesus did Divine Surgery on Selvi from Germany who was suffering with a cyst on her vocal cords that was changing her voice and very painful. Her doctor said she would have to have surgery to receive it but she told her doctor that she would take this issue to prayer. Her voice is normal and the pain is gone!

Demons From The Trees Worshiped For Decades But This Generation Said NO MORE! JESUS SET HER FREE!!!

Jun 6, 2022
Christine wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. She needed deliverance. She was stagnant. Something kept keeping her back from moving forward throughout her lifetime. She desired to get married! Even her time of rest was plagued with the enemy. She wanted her mind freed, her life to move forward and Jesus wanted it more than she did!

Online Healing Deliverance Lifelong Suffering Abuse, Broken, Lonely, Addiction, Missing God OVER!!!

May 20, 2022
Marilyn wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. She needed deliverance. She needed wisdom and understanding. She needed the Lord to guide her out of issues that affected her life and her family. She suffered for decades from childhood abuse and trauma leading to bondage through religion. She had lost intimacy with God and with people. Isolated she was seeking the Living God and He met her!

Deliverance Rejection Opens Door To Demon Of Pain Called Fibromyalgia!

May 12, 2022
Rebecca wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for a prayer appointment. Six years ago she was diagnosed with Chronic Fibromyalgia. The Holy Spirit had a different diagnosis and the moment Rebecca sent in the request the Lord began the healing process.

Online Healing Deliverance Generational Occult - Fear in Womb - Life of Sickness Conquered by Jesus!

May 9, 2022
Dana wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. She needed deliverance. She needed wisdom and understanding. She needed the Lord to guide her out of issues that affected her life. Sick and suffering basically her entire 17 years of life. An angry spirit of fear entered while in the womb opening the doors to steal, kill and destroy. Lyme's Disease, Bell's Palsy, Voices of Destruction plagued her life BUT JESUS IS HERE TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE!

Deliverance Healing Personal Trauma Gone She Cannot Even Remember It! Autistic Son Healed by Jesus!

May 4, 2022
Liz wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for a prayer appointment. She had suffered 13 years with terrible nightmares from traumas she had experienced.

Deliverance Jealous Demon Said No Marriage, Ministry, Business Just Depression/Sickness BUT JESUS!!!

Apr 29, 2022
Krystal wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. She felt stuck for along time but now was really suffering. She even had to step back from ministry. She was praying and believing and she did not want to leave this session the way that she came.

Pakistan Miracle Meeting Online Healed Delivered In God's Presence and Power! Every Life Changed!

Apr 19, 2022
Jesus Today Ministries is honored to minister and provide with our team in Pakistan to many remote villages. Many villages cannot read or write. How will they hear the Word of God if we don't go!

Christian Online Personal Healing and Deliverance Spirit of Harlotry Be Cast Out The Name of Jesus!

Apr 15, 2022
Many believers think that if they continue to pray they will not need deliverance. How long should one wait? Some wait their entire life. If a person believes delay is normal delay will continue. If a person believes they can stop the addiction of porn and masturbation they will continue in that circle. If you have been praying but are not seeing breakthrough then you need deliverance.

Zoom Christian Healing Enemy Attacked Believer - Attack Led Her To Deliverance. Jesus Set Her FREE!

Apr 12, 2022
Teneisha wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayers for deliverance.

Deliverance Healing Online Occult Stole To Destroy And Kill Jesus Destroyed Their Plans! Miracles!!!

Apr 7, 2022
Ethel wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. She needed deliverance. She needed wisdom and understanding. She needed the Lord to guide her out of issues that affected her life and her family.

Deliverance Online Secret Societies Brought Prison, Abandonment, Addictions, Mental Illness Bondage!

Mar 31, 2022
Karen wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. She had come to a place from a very hard life to a place of "I NEED HELP."

Christian Healing Online Miracles, Deliverance And Restoration TB Collapsed Her Lung Since Age 15!

Mar 27, 2022
Tindi suffered from a young age with TB. She needed healing as her lung would keep collapsing and she needed deliverance. She wrote in her prayer request to Jesus Today Ministries and placed her faith in Jesus Christ!

Online Miracle Believer Healed Of Schizophrenia In Germany By Jesus Christ Who Still Heals Today!!!

Mar 24, 2022
Claudia came to the Jesus Today Ministries Bible Study for prayer for Schizophrenia. A beautiful young believer carried by a friend to encounter Jesus. She believed and He delivered her out of it all.

Healed Online - Resist And Her Locked Jaw Opened - Stand And Was Healed From Sleep Paralysis. Jesus!

Mar 21, 2022
Tsion came to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. Her jaw was in serious shape but nothing is hard for Jesus.

Real Life Demonic Deliverance In Home Online Spirit Of Death Bound In Witchcraft Cast Out Of Family

Mar 18, 2022
Brenda wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries asking for prayer for her family. She wanted more of God. She also knew something was wrong and needed Holy Spirit to set her and her family free!

Online Healing Deliverance Gift of Healings and Miracles - Jesus Heals The Entire Family in Canada!

Mar 15, 2022
Jesus healed the entire family. Grandma was healed and delivered in the hospital bed. Dad was set free from blood clot which Dr. said he would have to take expensive medicine every month for the rest of his life. The daughter suffered with sleep paralysis, fear and anxiety that left her discouraged but Jesus not only healed and delivered her but anointed her mightily for ministry! Mom suffered 14 years from very high blood pressure. Nothing is hard for God!

Online Christian Healing Deliverance Philippines -Family Freed Generational Sickness From Witchcraft

Mar 8, 2022
Ruby emailed Jesus Today Ministries for deliverance and freedom. Her friend was set free and gave testimony of Jesus still Healing, Saving and Delivering His people. Now many people in the Philippines are being set free!

Online Healing and Deliverance Amazing Miracle - 19 Years of Epilepsy Healed in Connecticut by Jesus

Mar 7, 2022
Mimi wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. Her seizures began when she was 3 months old. She believed. She stood in faith but she needed an encounter with Jesus to set her free. Sickness is not from God. Now, at age 19 she is free. What the Son sets free is free indeed!

Online Supernatural Christian Healing Deliverance Jesus Heals Grandma Grand Daughter Gets Anointed!!

Mar 4, 2022
Chantel sensed an urge to go to the hospital to visit her grandma who had just had a stint put in her heart. She found her grandma having a nightmare. She woke her to pray but could not leave until she reached out for prayer. She was obedient to the Lord. She gave her testimony in the Jesus Today Ministries Bible Study.

Online Healing Deliverance Set Free On Train In Netherlands - Watch Jesus Set Her Free!

Feb 24, 2022
Anita wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for deliverance. She received a bracelet from a woman and since then was experiencing demonic symptoms. She is a believer unaware of the prayers in the bracelet. During her session Jesus revealed so much more!

Jesus, the Great Physician Is Healing And Doing Deliverance Online - Received A Unique Worship Gift

Feb 20, 2022
Rhiannon wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries originally for family issues and to see if she needed freedom.

Christian Healing Online Jesus Heals Autoimmune Disease That Attacked Her Nervous System in Germany!

Feb 17, 2022
Linda wrote into Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. God began healing her emotional wounds and then her bodily organs.

Christian Healing Online Deliverance Woman In Philippines Delivered And Radically Anointed By Jesus

Feb 13, 2022
Fatima wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. She needed deliverance. She needed wisdom and understanding. She needed the Lord to guide her out of issues that affected her life and her family.

Christian Healing Online Deliverance - How To Heal Wounds You Cannot Remember Or Express With Jesus!

Feb 9, 2022
Rosa wrote in for prayer to Jesus Today Ministry with a question. Was is it that is holding me back? She is a beautiful believer - hard working - trained in ministry but there was something that kept making her sick and only Holy Spirit could provide her answer.


Feb 5, 2022
Taunti wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for healing in her relationship with God. She was saved but wasn't reading the Word. She did not know much about God except she believed in HIm. She wanted more faith to keep up with daily life. So, she decided to start reading the Word but felt something was wrong.

Miracles Online Healing Deliverance Generational Lung Disease & Death Removed From Philippine Family

Jan 30, 2022
Beverly wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. She requested deliverance and healing. Holy Spirit knew all the rest. Even with the testimony after prayer so much death was uncovered. We thank our Faithful Jesus Who healed her and delivered them from all of their afflictions.

Online Healing Deliverance Cycles Of Generations Rejected Offended Broken Families Restored IN JESUS

Jan 26, 2022
Martin sent in a prayer request to Jesus Today Ministries for deliverance. It was as he ministered to others that he recognized his own need for deliverance. The Holy Spirit met him through an encounter with Jesus Who is still healing, saving and delivering His people today! The Lord set him free, brought wisdom and understanding and anointed him for ministry. Praise the LORD!

Online Deliverance Healing Supernatural Opening Of Blind Eyes In SA By Jesus And He Healed Her Body!

Jan 24, 2022
Leticia was brought to Jesus Today Ministries by her sister in law because she was in serious need of breakthrough! Leticia had suffered long and hard but she kept her faith in Jesus!

Healing Deliverance Online Virus After Chemo Treatment Jesus Breathed Into Man And He Woke up Healed

Jan 20, 2022
Lonnie attended the online Bible Study and testified of contracting covid following a chemo treatment. This brought much fear. During the night it became worse as he was having a hard time breathing. He was almost as much afraid of going to the hospital and being placed on a ventilator so alone with Jesus he prayed.

Healing Deliverance Online 16 Years of Buzzing Due To Loud Machinery - Dr Said No Magic Pill. JESUS!

Jan 19, 2022
Phillip wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries twice before: God healed and delivered him then healed hearing loss but Phillip wanted the buzzing in his ears to stop. It was affecting his life and his time with God.

Online Deliverance Healing Raised As Child Soldier In Eritrea Freed From The Curse Of Cain By Jesus!

Jan 11, 2022
Moses sent a prayer request to Jesus Today Ministries for deliverance. When the meeting began the Holy Spirit went right to the root of the problem. His testimony shows the heart wrenching effects of war in the lives of children. We have so much to be thankful for. Moses' testimony is a confirmation that even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death our God is with us even when we are too young to understand.

Online Healing Deliverance Wasn't expecting this! People have prayed for me but never felt anything!

Jan 4, 2022
Elizabeth came to Jesus Today Ministry for prayer because her friends did! They told her all that happened during their prayer time. She thought about the people that have prayed for her in the past and agreed to come expecting her faith would bring some deliverance.

Personal Online Healing Deliverance Man Followed By Death Spirit Assigned To His Life -But Jesus !!!

Dec 29, 2021
Cecil wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. He could sense something following him! It followed him when he walked his dog or went to the hardware store but then it became worse.

Personal Online Healing Deliverance Salvation A Divine Appointment Saves Young Believer No Suicide!

Dec 27, 2021
Daniella contacted Jesus Today Ministries for help but before she could get to her appointment the enemy wanted to take her out. He wanted her to believe she was reprobate, had committed far too many sins, had been away from God for so long and again there is truly nothing new under the sun. The devil was, is and remains a liar.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance Man in AU is Freed and Anointed For Front lines In Africa!

Dec 23, 2021
John from NSW wrote in for prayer for deliverance, asthma and occasional pain. He was told the pain was normal but he pressed in with God and made an appointment.

DELIVERANCE Online HEALING Demon Entered Bedroom Calling Wife By Name. Are You Spiritually Prepared

Dec. 16, 2021
Jaipreshka from India contacted Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. He was scared! The whole family was so scared they were all sleeping in one room. Even then they were afraid to fall asleep.

Deliverance Online Healing JESUS Healed Scoliosis and Restored Full Hearing in Young Worship Leader!

Dec. 14, 2021
Elle received ministry through an encounter with Jesus. She asked for the generational curses to be removed from her. There was a curse afflicting her bones that was just draining her.

Deliverance Online Healing - Deliverance Ministry Recovered - New Levels Of Ministry Released!!!

Dec. 12, 2021
A couple came for prayer that was once a deliverance ministry. They told Pastor Pegge of the hardships they endured.

Online Deliverance and Healing -Miracle Meeting Spokane Washington - Power of God Filled The Room!!!

Dec. 11, 2021
Jesus Today Ministries was honored to minister with On Fire Ministries in Spokane Washington. A wonderful week of ministry and growth for the Kingdom of God!

Deliverance Online Healing -6 Children - 1 Handicapped, and Single with a Demon of Death But Jesus!

Dec. 09, 2021
Amy contacted Jesus Today Ministries for deliverance. She began hearing negative voices while she was sleeping. She would wake up hearing a voice tell her she was not born again.

Online Deliverance Ministry Healing Jesus Forgave Delivered and Healed Her So Quickly! ARE YOU NEXT!

Dec. 07, 2021
Diana from Germany wrote into Jesus Today Ministries suffering from debilitating migraine headaches and back pain but her prayer request said she needed to be healed.

Online Deliverance Healing Demons Hated Her Faith And Her Prayers So They Tormented Her Dreams!!!

Nov. 29, 2021
Grace contacted Jesus Today Ministries for deliverance as she was being tormented. She gave her life to Jesus Who she loves more than life but she did not understand the enemy assignment on her bloodlines.

Online Deliverance Healing Multiple Enemy Kings Torment Young Namibian Lady - Jesus is King of Kings

Nov. 27, 2021
Tami emailed her prayer request after the Lord led her to the JTM YouTube channel! When you click the like and subscribe button you are literally allowing more people to be led to their freedom. We give God all the Glory!

Online Healing Deliverance Generational Ritual Witchcraft With Reward of Losing The Mind Set Free!!!

Nov. 24, 2021
Sarah contacted Jesus Today Ministries because she wanted deliverance, physical healing, finances and a restored relationship with her parents. Little did she know that this was exactly what the Holy Spirit wanted and so much more.

Online Healing and Deliverance There is so Much More For Family Then Surface Level Relationships!

Nov. 21, 2021
Rebecca contacted Jesus Today Ministries on behalf of the health of her family. Rebecca is one of 8 children and she needed a breakthrough that only God could give!
God cares about our families because in His eyes we belong to Him. If your family is struggling please know that God cares intently for you and you matter to Him!

Online Healing Deliverance Debilitating Depression, Marriage to Witch Doctor to Salvation With Jesus

Nov. 17, 2021
Tanja from Germany wrote into Jesus Today Ministries because she was suffering. She had debilitating depression through her life but it had come to the point where she thought she would need hospitalization and could no longer work her job.

Online Healing Deliverance Spirit Stealing Her Life Unable To Sleep, Eat, Drink Or Speak But JESUS!!

Nov. 16, 2021
Kimberly came to Jesus Today Ministries because she was suffering. When she wanted to go deeper into God something was stopping her. It almost felt like a hernia in her belly that left her distended.

Online Healing Deliverance Imelda From S Korea Goodbye Religion Depression Gone Unity with Children!

Nov. 15, 2021
Imelda contacted Jesus Today Ministries because she was suffering under a very heavy weight that not only afflicted her but her relationship with her children.

Online Healing Deliverance Frozen Painful Shoulder Healed As She Testifies of God Healing Her Heart

Nov. 11, 2021
Danette is part of the Bible Study where we are mentoring for the supernatural.
God is with us Amen! And we are hungry for more of Him.

Online Healing and Deliverance Training - Heavenly Advise For Young People Set Apart For God!!!

Nov. 10, 2021
Xotchitl came to the Bible Study (Do You Need A Miracle? Look Right Here!) for prayer. Jesus began to move on her behalf before she could even voice her needs but God knows everything about her.


Nov. 10, 2021
Janice from South Africa was struggling with the virus and it wasn't going away. It was affecting her breathing and sinus. She received a Word that fear had gripped her regarding the virus. Watch as the Lord overtakes the battle in a glorious way!


Nov. 03, 2021
Cody contacted Jesus Today Ministries because he kept having tormenting thoughts that he was not saved. The torment told him he had blasphemed the Holy Spirit and would not go to heaven. He wanted to right with Jesus so he set up his prayer appointment.

Online Healing and Deliverance - Demonic Supernatural Strength With Legion Overtaken By JESUS CHRIST

Oct. 29, 2021
Sula came to Jesus Today Ministries for deliverance. He was desperate. He had tried witchcraft, spiritual medicine and exorcism but to no avail. In many parts of Europe and Africa this is still as natural as we going to the doctor. But with the demonic Sula's problems had come to a point that he no longer believed and had suicidal thoughts.


Oct. 21, 2021
Nitereka contacted Jesus Today Ministries for prayers of deliverance. He did not really believe in deliverance (as most people in bondage) and thought all their manifestations were just fake.

Online Healing & Deliverance - Sacrifice Yourself - I Will Save Your Family! Spirit of Religion OUT!

Oct. 20, 2021
Lynda contacted Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. She knew she needed deliverance.

Online Healing Deliverance "I Clicked On A Succubus Video And Did What It Told Me To Do!" SET FREE!

Oct. 17, 2021
Samuel contacted Jesus today Ministries totally desperate for help! He had been watching porn and was fornicating but a day came when he saw a link to watch a succubus demon - a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with men.

Online Healing and Deliverance - Witchcraft Let My Daughter Go! Family Restored By Jesus Christ!!!

Oct. 14, 2021
Melissa wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for Prayer. She believed in God but sought His help for the return of her daughter.

Online Healing And Deliverance - Freed From High School Spiritual Attack. She Kept Faith In JESUS!

Oct. 10, 2021
Imagine being a healthy young lady with all of life ahead of you and then in Senior Year of High School you are attacked with Psychosis that brings hallucinations and evil voices overtaking your thoughts.

Online Healing Deliverance - Generational Rage Leads Son To Suicide But Jesus Sets The Captive Free!

Oct. 06, 2021
William's mom had contacted Jesus Today Ministries regarding her son. William and Lizette had a brand new baby girl but were having a hard time. He was working and she was caring for the child they love but both parents were broken and in need of prayer.

Online Healing and Deliverance GOD FREES DAUGHTER FROM NARCISSISTIC ABUSE! Watch And Be Set Free!!!

Oct. 05, 2021
After watching Jesus Today Ministries videos for many months Anne sent in a prayer request. She had watched others be set free and was led for her own freedom. What she thought were her problems were undiagnosed by the Spirit of Living God. Only God knows everything about us, loves us through it all and then sets us free. We know that GOD ALWAYS HAS THE FINAL SAY! Amen!!

Online Healing Deliverance - S A Ancestral Idols Destroyed - Watch And You Will Also Be Set Free!

Oct. 04, 2021
Clifford from South Africa contacted Jesus Today Ministries for freedom from long term set back in his career, finances and relationships. He had found escape from these problems through pornography, parties and fornication.

Online Healing and Deliverance Spirits of Death From Haiti Say No To Jesus Christ But Jesus Delivers

Sept. 29, 2021
Barns sent a prayer request to and received his appointment. He had asked for deliverance. But, Holy Spirit knows all!!

Online Healing Deliverance Enemy Blocked The Path That Jesus And HIS Family Will NOW Minister On!!!!

Sept. 24, 2021
Jennifer contacted Jesus Today Ministries. She was so blocked she didn't even know how to ask but Holy Spirit knows all and revealed, delivered, healed and set her into ministry!

Delivered And Healed Lifelong Birth Defect; Encounters Jesus And He Heals Her Soul! Pain Is GONE!!!

Sept. 16, 2021
Anne wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries because she was "in so much pain she could hardly move."

Online Healing and Deliverance - Freed From A Curse And The Plan To Hinder His Future Glory to God!

Sept. 13, 2021
Dimitrije from Serbia wrote in to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. Things in his life were flowing in a negative way. A new believer sensing a serious problem sought God for his answer!

Online Healing and Deliverance - Childhood Trauma Led to Mental Illness To Addiction To JESUS CHRIST

Sept. 12, 2021
Mental Illness can come through physical injury, medical issues or through the demonic by self sin or through the abuse of others.For Andrew it was childhood abuse. We cannot imagine the torment but Jesus is here for us.

Online Deliverance and Healing - Woman Sent As Newborn Into The River In Nigeria Delivered By Jesus!

Sept. 10, 2021
Blessing from Italy was born in Nigeria. As a newborn she was brought to the river where her life was dedicated to the spirits of the water. This was a tradition of her ancestors but Blessing, as an adult, gave her life to Jesus Christ.

Healing Deliverance Freedom - Men If You Desire More Freedom For God, Yourself, Spouse and Family!!!

Sept. 8, 2021
Scott contacted Jesus Today Ministries knowing he was not free. He knew Jesus was the only One that could unravel him. Lifelong affliction he understood but the freedom that was available to him no one could explain until Jesus set him free.

Online Healing and Deliverance - There is Always More With Jesus. Roots of Her Past Be Cast Out!!!

Sept. 3, 2021
Cecelia is a beautiful woman of God that hungers for more of Jesus. Already delivered God said there is always more. She scheduled another appointment for prayer!

Healing and Deliverance: Broken Tailbone of 20 Years Brings Sciatica & Nerve Pain in Feet But Jesus!

Aug. 24, 2021
Bong hee joined the Jesus Today Ministries Bible Study. She knew she would receive an encounter with Jesus through prayer after the meeting.

Healed Online! Made Whole By Encounter With Jesus Christ! Seizures, Tumor and Fear Meet The Healer

Aug. 22, 2021
Lonnie reached out to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer after experiencing two Grand Mal Seizures and then the diagnosis of a brain tumor.

Healed Delivered Online Generational Royal Witchcraft Idols Taken Out In Liberia. Ministry Birthed!

Aug. 21, 2021
Ritchamel suffered most of her life. She was beginning to understand there was a serious issue by the age of 8 when she could not stop sleeping. When not sleeping she would just cry and in between it all was laziness and gluttony. As an adult she became a believer and gave her life to Jesus but still continued to suffer.

Online Deliverance/Healing From Legion Sent To Infect A Young Prophet. Jesus Is LORD! HalleluYAH!

Aug 14, 2021
Gabriel contacted Jesus Today Ministries for deliverance. He was saved and fell into the ways of the world. It wasn't until he decided to seriously follow the Lord that he realized he was in trouble.

Online Deliverance and Counsel - Tornado of Change Between HS and College - I'm Staying With God!!!

Aug. 14, 2021
MeKaila contacted Jesus Today Ministries twice because she needed direction from God. In High School MeKaila suffered with night terrors but through prayer God overtook the enemy. MeKaila then began receiving very prophetic dreams from Heaven.

Online Healing, Deliverance and Restoration - Jesus Says To Bullies NO and Girl Gets Promoted!

Aug. 5, 2021
Anne brought her daughter for prayer. She was being bullied and it was affecting her grades and her self esteemed. Burdens on a child affect them the same way as an adult. School said she would not be promoted. Never underestimate the power of prayer as we ask God to overtake what concerns us.

Man's Destiny Forever Changed Through Online Deliverance and Healing in Jesus Christ! Chains Removed

Aug. 4, 2021
Charles was referred to Jesus Today Ministries because he was truly suffering. What was normal before salvation manifested after salvation and as this new believer pushed in through prayer and fasting he continued to be hindered, attacked and pummeled by the enemies of his soul.

Deliverance, Healing and Holy Spirit Counsel - Pinched Nerve Healed and Adjusted by Great Physician

Aug. 3, 2021
Steve asked for prayer through Jesus Today Ministries because his neck and body were sore. Holy Spirit revealed that the pain was a cover up for the enemy trying to bring discouragement into his heart.

Online Healing and Deliverance - Stroke and Brain Injury Healed In One Appointment With The Healer!!

July, 30, 2021
Eric received a great deliverance and healing through an encounter with Jesus. He sent in a prayer request to Jesus Today Ministries for his Mom Delores.

Online Personal Deliverance and Healing - DID, BIPOLAR, SCHIZOPHRENIA BE CAST OUT IN JESUS NAME!!!

July, 29, 2021
Chequena came to Jesus Today Ministries for deliverance. She experienced an attack that came against her mind leading to multiple diagnosis and much medication. She wanted her life back and as a believer she knew Jesus is always the answer.

Online Personal Deliverance from 40 Years of Suffering to Baptized in Fire with Ministry Gifting!

July 21, 2021
Gerd from Germany wrote into Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. This is an amazing video of God's absolute love for us and His ability to set us free. Jesus is our Deliverer and our Healer.

Online Healing and Deliverance - Lifelong Suffering Delivered in Minutes! Jesus Sets Her Free!!!

July 21, 2021
Cheyenne wrote in for prayer to Jesus Today Ministries because she suffered with lifelong issues. She was concerned about being recorded so we did not record. Jesus set her free so quickly and peacefully that she wished she did record it so we took her testimony.

Zoom Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Spirit of Death Cast Out in Jesus Name"!!

July 14, 2021
Kimberly felt that she was unable to move forward in life. It would be like she would take "2 steps forward and then 10 steps back". She was also having trouble sleeping and her mind just seemed to always keep going.

Healing and Deliverance - Goodbye devil and Take your Arthritis with you!!!

July 10. 2021
Mary Jean wanted freedom in her body. She had crippling arthritis that prevented her even from walking without pain as her toes were curled and painful.

Deafness and Spine Curvature Healed in Kazakhstan by Jesus by Online Healing and Deliverance NO PAIN

July 07, 2021
Anastasia from Kazakhstan contacted Jesus Today Ministries because she was diagnosed with Rachiocampsis which is an abnormal curvature in her spine that caused her much pain. She also had a big problem with her left ear. The diagnosis was purulent otitis media which had left her with no hearing.

Online Healing and Deliverance: Ovarian Cyst Removed by Jesus and Dr. Confirms It Is GONE!!!

July 06, 2021
Jenn had an amazing encounter with Jesus the first time she contacted Jesus Today Ministries. God healed her of Asthma and a severe allergy to dust that made her skin burn. God said enough was enough.

Zoom Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Belly & Eye Healed By The Love & Power of God!!!

June 30, 2021
Morena reached out to Jesus Today Ministries because she wanted deliverance from what she believed was a spirit of infirmity. For the past 9 months, she has been getting sick and it seemed like it was “One thing after another”. Whether it was blurry vision, digestive/stomach pains, hearing issues, etc., Morena said she “felt cursed”.

Online Healing/Deliverance: Spirit Of Fear REMOVED From Jaw! Eye HEALED The MOMENT He Contacted JTM!

June 29, 2021
Richard from South Africa wanted a deeper walk with Jesus and desired to get rid of anything that was holding him back.

Online Healing & Deliverance: GODS FIRE Heals, Delivers, Anoints and Equips Man in LA For Ministry!!

June 28, 2021
Chris reached out to Jesus Today Ministries because he wanted to be free from lustful thoughts and masturbation, but God had so much more in store for Chris.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Demonic Cycles Broken By The Power & Love Of God!!! (Part 2)

June 21, 2021
Georgina wanted to testify of all the things that the Lord has done since her first meeting with Pegge. This is Part 2 of how God is moving in her and her mom's life.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Demonic Cycles Broken By The Power & Love Of God!!! (Part 1)

June 21, 2021
Georgina contacted Jesus Today Ministries because she wanted prayer for her Mom who was suffering in her health and also needed salvation.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Jesus Heals 16 years of Pain in Sweden by Removing Curse!

June 17, 2021
Ann from Sweden has been seeking and believing the Lord for peace, restoration and healing, not only for her family, but also for the pain and digestive issues that she has been experiencing in her body for the past 16 years.

Online Healing & Deliverance: God Calls Woman In Africa A Peacemaker. Generational Curses Broken!

June 16, 2021
Meet Buena from Africa. She came to Jesus Today Ministries with 4 prayer requests: Restoration of relationship with her mom, for her mom to be blessed in her finances, for her sister to find a job and for herself, she wanted help with studying for her exams.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Desires Deeper Walk With God. God Pours His Love Out On Her!!

June 16, 2021
Olya desires to spend more time with God so that her relationship with Him and her prayer life can go deeper. Olya reached out to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer concerning this.

Zoom Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: From Depression & Suicide, TO JOY UNCEASING!!

June 15, 2021
Nylah felt behind in life and wanted breakthrough. Even though Nylah sowed and tithed, she still could not experience victory in her life. She was struggling severely with depression, low self esteem, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and fear.

Online Healing & Deliverance: God HEALS & RESTORES Woman In Cypress. She feels "TOTALLY DIFFERENT"!!

June 11, 2021
Audrey has had a life long battle with her weight. She said that it was out of control no matter what she did and now it was affecting her health. Audrey reached out to Jesus Today Ministries for help and insight on what could be causing this.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Prophecy Reveals All Prayer For A Spiritual Check-Up

June 10, 2021
Nora loves the Lord and is a minister in Israel. Nora wanted to have a "Spiritual Check-up" to make sure that there was nothing hindering God from moving in her and her husband's life, so she reached out to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: FIRE Of God Falls In CA Bringing FREEDOM In Jesus' Name!!!

June 09, 2021
Kim loves the Lord and dearly prays for God's people yet she has experienced one hard battle after the other. She knows the battles only strengthen her faith but she had come to a point where confusion entered. She needed more spiritual discernment. The battle line had become blurred as to what was of God and what was not. Kim sought help from Jesus Today Ministries.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Prophecy In Lithuania Reveals Truth! Watch Jesus Freedom!!

June 08, 2021
Samanta from Lithuania just wanted full deliverance from smoking. Even though she stopped smoking, she still felt the temptation only when she left her home and was around people. She reached out to Jesus Today Ministries.

Zoom Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: 14 Year Old Wants More Of Jesus - DELIVERED OF ANGER!!

May 30, 2021
Meet 14 year old Francisco. He reached out to Jesus Today Ministries when he recognized that he has a problem with anger and needed help to be free from it.

Online Healing and Deliverance from Stroke, Witchcraft to MIRACLES With Family!!

May 30, 2021
This video is full of amazing testimonies of how God is continuing to move and do great miracles in a family that has been through much.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: "I AM FREE!" - Jesus HEALS Soul And Body!!

May 21, 2021
For months, Linda’s left hand has been swollen with a cyst. She also developed a cyst under her breast. Her Doctor kept puncturing the cyst to drain the fluid to relieve the pain but now he could not continue. Faced with surgery Linda reached out to Jesus Today Ministries.

Zoom Healing Deliverance: Life Long Spiritual Attacks, Months Of Body Pain Gone In Mins With Jesus!!

May 21, 2021
Jeannette from United Arab Eremites reached out to Jesus Today Ministries because she was desperate to be freed from life long spiritual attacks as well as 6 months of pain caused by fibroids. She was also experiencing set backs! Even with a degree she could not find a good job! The job she has and the accommodations were hindering her and she was struggling to find peace!

Zoom Personal Online Healing & Healing: Just ONE Prayer With JESUS Changes EVERYTHING!!!

May 14, 2021
God has brought Carlie and her family out of much. See and hear how God used Jesus Today Ministries to show Carlie that it only takes 1 prayer to Jesus to change everything.

Zoom Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: The FIRE Of GOD Falls On Woman In Namibia!!!

May 13, 2021
Kambushe from Namibia, South Africa, was experiencing setbacks in her life especially in her real estate business. She was so close to giving up. She was desperate for a breakthrough and she reached out to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer. Holy Spirit uncovered all the hindrances in her life to heal her and set her free!

Zoom Online Healing: 2 Girls Believed God For The impossible. The God of The Impossible Showed Up!!!

May 12, 2021
Tsion and Favon wanted a touch from God and just wanted to draw closer to the Lord. Both of these precious, young ladies wanted make sure that there was nothing in the way of that closer walk with God in their lives, and so they reached out to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer.

Zoom Online Healing & Deliverance: Needed Healing From 2 Car Accidents, BUT JESUS DID MORE!!!

May 11, 2021
Michael reached out to Jesus Today Ministries because he was believing God would heal him from years of pain and torment brought on by 2 card accidents.

Zoom Online Healing & Deliverance: Tormented In Mind With Thoughts & Images, JESUS SETS HER FREE!!

May 07, 2021
Chantel was being tormented with perverted thoughts and images that would just pop into her mind. These thoughts and crazy images were coming against her relationship with God. She had a choice to either remain silent about her struggles or reach out for help.

Online Healing & Deliverance: Set FREE From A Disabling Spirit! Jesus Heals All Pain In Body!!

Apr. 23, 2021
Meet Kayleigh. Even though Kayleigh grew up in the church and considered herself a Christian, she knew she is did not have a REAL relationship with God and ended up falling away from the church.

Online Healing Deliverance: Teen Accepts Jesus As Savior & Enemy Holding Him Had to Let Him Go!

Apr. 23, 2021
Jose From Puerto Rico was having trouble sleeping to the point he was up every night. He was struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress. Jose knew he needed deliverance and this is when he reached out to Jesus Today Ministries.

Online Healing: 15 Yr Old Freed From Spirit of Crazy in Uganda! Mind Free Saved and Forever Changed

Apr. 22, 2021
Lola is 15 years old and for the past week has felt like something was not quite right with her mind. As she states, her "mind was not at peace" and she felt like "she was going crazy". It was so serious she thought of suicide but God led her on YouTube to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer.

Online Healing & Deliverance: Shemar From Grenada Delivered after salvation! Life Changed Forever!

Apr. 22, 2021
Meet Shemar from Grenada. Shemar struggled for 7 1/2 years with pornography and knew that something needed to change. He made the decision to give his life to Christ and made Jesus his Lord and Savior!

Online Healing & Deliverance: Dedication Of Miracle Baby Keisha From Namibia, South Africa To Jesus!

Apr. 22, 2021
Baby Keisha is a miracle baby. See and hear the testimony of her mother, Faith, about how she was healed of Fibroids and a tumor in her head while she was pregnant with Keisha.

Online Healing & Deliverance: After Great Loss, Jesus Promises Fun Times To Come! Joy Restored!!

Apr. 16, 2021
When Paula's mom got sick, her dad, Elmo retired at 81 years young to be there for his wife. After his wife passed 3 1/2 years ago, Elmo and Paula were both greatly affected. Paula reached out to Jesus Today Ministries for help.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Woman Testifies 2 Days After Prayer, Jesus Healed Me!!!

Apr. 15, 2021
Jennifer had one request when asked what did she want Jesus to do for her. She responded with "healing in my body". Jennifer has experienced the healing power of God in her own life as well as seeing God move in other peoples lives. Jennifer had the faith to believe Jesus could heal her completely of all her afflictions/illnesses.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: God Brings Hope, Joy & Peace Through Separation!!

Apr. 13, 2021
Janelle is going through a divorce from her husband and is seeking peace and direction from the Lord.

Online Healing Deliverance: Jesus Brings Freedom! Roots of Control/Anger/Unforgiveness Removed!

Apr. 9. 2021
Eric had been delivered from a homosexual lifestyle yet something was still not right. The struggle remained but the enemy strategy of attack was different. His mind was under attack and there was so much condemnation. He described his thinking as "corrupt and perverted." He was no longer able to even focus to read his Bible as even his Bible reading became legalistic and controlling. His relationships were null and void and he moved with "no love or compassion."

Online Healing Deliverance from spirit of Death in UK: Ukrainian and English Translation. Jesus!!!

Apr. 5. 2021
Inga from the UK was hungry for God, but was looking in all the wrong places for Him. She found religion but not Jesus. She became mixed up in the New Age seeking answers. She came to the place where she knew and wanted deliverance from it all, so she reached out to Jesus Today Ministries for help.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Jesus Delivers Woman In Germany! Hope & Joy Restored!!!

Apr. 2. 2021
Noma and her husband have been trying to conceive a child since last year. Noma became desperate for answers and help, because after at many attempts to become pregnant (even tried IVF), she still had no breakthrough. She sought help from a priest and other ministers but things became worse.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: LIES From Childhood Broken In JESUS' NAME!!!

Mar. 31, 2021
George and his wife Laura know and love the Lord and when God began to move on George and bring up some childhood memories, he reached out to Jesus Today Ministries for counsel and prayer.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: FREEDOM From PERFECTIONISM!!!

Mar. 31, 2021
Annette had a lot on her heart, but she mostly wanted to move with the love and the heart of the Father, but something was stopping her.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: God Honors Man Who Faithfully Cared For His Parents!

Mar. 26, 2021
Peter has seen God move in his life since the last session he had with Pegge of Jesus Today Ministries.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Childhood Fears, Family Curses and Loneliness meet Jesus!

Mar. 26, 2021
For over 50 years, Peter struggled to move forward in life and then when he experienced the loss of his beloved mother his whole world was crashing around him.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Ministers Prayers Answered by JESUS, The PRINCE Of PEACE!

Mar. 24, 2021
LeClaire has suffered much for over 70 years!! She survived many things such as car accidents, and even cancer. She had many questions and concerns. The battle was now at a place it interfered with her daily life and her quality time with God. A friend referred her to Jesus Today Ministries. She reached out to Pegge to stand in faith with her for deliverance, healing and the peace of God.

Online Healing & Deliverance: Jesus Delivers From New Age But the Idols Also Have to Go!

Mar. 23, 2021
God has been taking Svetlin through a process of healing and deliverance!

Healing and Deliverance - Jesus Makes House Call in Lithuania - Lives/Futures Are Forever Changed!

Mar. 22, 2021
Meet Leila, Diva, and Karina from Lithuania.

Online Healing Deliverance: Jesus Brings Peace & Salvation to Man In Constant Torment From New Age!!

Mar. 18, 2021
Meet Svetlin from the Netherlands. 9 months ago when the world had seemed to go upside down overnight, Svetlin, in an attempt to have peace wanted to get right with God but he did not know who God was.

Online Personal Healing: Fear Hindered Business & Health and Jesus Brings Healing & Prosperity!!

Mar. 12, 2021
Ashley was experiencing resistance in her life that affected her health, social life and her business. In her search for answers, Ashley reached out to Jesus Today Ministries.

Online Healing Deliverance: Emotional Abuse & Physical Pain-Jesus Brings Peace & Healing To Poland!!

Mar. 12, 2021
Dorato was not feeling free in her marriage and life due to the emotional abuse and the constant physical pain she was experiencing on a daily basis. She felt stuck. This had been going on for 10 years and she reached out to Jesus Today Ministries in search of answers and for help.

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Jesus Delivers Man From Loneliness, And Confusion In India!

Mar. 9, 2021
Jason had come out of a relationship that he really thought was the Lord's will!.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Mother Intercedes For Daughter and Jesus Heals Her Too!!

Mar. 4, 2021
Margaret from Switzerland contacted Jesus Today Ministries because her daughter needed divine intervention.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Afflicted for 40 Years: Jesus Heals in Minutes!!

Mar. 3, 2021
Joan had been suffering in pain all over her body for 40 years. Watch and see the miraculous power of our loving Father at work as He brings Joan back into ministry from a life of pain and anguish!

Online Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Brings His Supernatural Peace And Healing To NC!

Mar. 02, 2021
Betty loves the Lord and wants nothing more than to live for Jesus and be as close to Him as she possibly can. Also, Betty needed healing in her hands as she uses them everyday for her job. Betty reached out to Jesus Today Ministries seeking healing but also she had questions that only God could answer.

Online Healing: Woman Declared Brain Dead By Dr.'s, Wakes Up By The Power of Prayer

Mar. 02, 2021
Sandra's Aunt had a brain aneurysm. The Dr's declared her Aunt "brain dead, with no chances to get back to normal." They sent her by ambulance to the home of her son who is a doctor. She had been in a coma for 2 months.

Online Deliverance: Jesus Performs Miracle In Court Case - Record Expunged - Blessed with Great Job!

Mar. 01, 2021
Ana reached out to Jesus Today Ministries, because her son Anthony was facing a difficult situation with having to go to court with serious consequences that could change his life.

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Deliverance From The Inside Out In Jesus' Name!

Feb. 23, 2021
Kim reached out to Jesus Today Ministries because she was really concerned about her daughter Rory and her family who have been definitely been having a hard time.

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Gender Identity, Crisis & Suicidal - A Mother Intercedes!

Feb. 23, 2021
Natasha wrote in regarding her daughter who was going through gender identity issues, and 3 suicide attempts. They had sought help and even psychiatrists, meds brought no relief.

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Encounters With Jesus In Poland! Prince of Peace & Healer!!

Feb. 19, 2021
Dobrochna's heart is to serve the Lord God with all her heart and she also desired that her focus would be fully on God and not on herself or what she was going through. In her words, she just wanted to be "useful for God and for others".

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Suicidal, Hopeless - Jesus Brings Him to the Father's Love!!

Feb. 19, 2021
When Evin first contacted Jesus Today Ministries he was not in a good place. The enemy warred against him in the place he knew it would hurt Evin the most and that was with his wife and children.

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: No More Anger, Anxiety, & Depression. Found PEACE In JESUS!

Feb. 18, 2021
Kristine felt that there was a block preventing her from experiencing more of God in her life.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Hindrances Removed in South Africa By The Holy Spirit!!!

Feb. 16, 2021
Nthabiseng has felt stuck for many years and she was unsure why and what was preventing her from succeeding and achieving her goals in all aspects of her life. She so desperately wanted to move forward, so she contacted Jesus Today Ministries.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Dream Interpreted By Holy Spirit - Ministry Confirmed!!!

Feb. 16, 2021
Bong hee was having a re-occurring dream since 2015. Unable to get a clear understanding of the meaning she felt led to reach out to Jesus Today Ministries.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Generational Curses and Witchcraft BROKEN in Jesus' Name!

Feb. 10, 2021
Ruby is originally from Jamaica. She comes from a large family and is a powerful intercessor. She loves Jesus but has suffered much. She is also familiar with the witchcraft that has covered her family bringing many blocks/hindrances including health issues.

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Love of God Delivers, Heals & Anoints For Ministry in Serbia!

Feb. 5, 2021
Adelina joined an online Bible Study because she wanted to draw closer to Jesus. After attending a certain online Bible study, Adelina began to experience sickness in her body.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Freedom from Anxiety & Depression. Peace Found In Jesus!!!

Feb. 4, 2021
Chloe was delivered by the Peace of Peace, Jesus, from all generational anxiety and depression. Chloe walks in the supernatural peace and joy that can only be found in God.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: God Heals And Answers Prayers In The UK!!

Feb. 3, 2021
Naomi from the UK had come out of a dark past due to not making good choices and found herself stuck.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: All Demonic Holds Broken and Back Pain Gone In Jesus' Name!

Feb 2, 2021
Yaramon is a beautiful young lady, who loves the Lord. She reached out to Jesus Today Ministries because she was having bad dreams.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jezebel Hides Under Demons of Anger & Rage Manifest But God

Feb 2, 2021
Jessika began experiencing demonic attacks and knew something was wrong.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Danette - Ministry Training After Deliverance and Healing

Jan. 29, 2021
God uses Jesus Today Ministries to heal and deliver His people everyday and then He sends them out to minister to others.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: God Removes Distance Restores Their First Love!!!

Jan.29, 2021
Laura always loved God and had a wonderful relationship with him. Then life happened!

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Power of God Breaks Demonic Hold Since Childhood!

Jan. 28, 2021
Jonathan was saved at a young age, but through various traumas and things that had happened, he was constantly tormented by a demonic spirits day and night.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Seizures and Brain Tumor Meet Jesus!

Jan. 28, 2021
Lonnie was no stranger to hurt and loss and when the enemy thought he would push this gentle giant even harder.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Freedom from Schizophrenia, family dysfunction, addictions!

Jan.27, 2021
What an amazing testimony Angie has!! Angie met Pegge two years ago and God has faithfully unraveled her from so much..

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Lungs Open as Heaviness is Removed Bringing Freedom in Jesus!!!

Jan. 27, 2021
Angie reached out to Jesus Today Ministries initially regarding a sensation on her forehead and to get spiritual direction for her life!

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: How Ashia Overcame Her Hardest Struggle Only With God!!!

Jan. 26, 2021
Ashia came to Jesus Today Ministries because she was searching for answers and believing for breakthrough in her life.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: How Do I Live After Child Suicide?

Jan. 20, 2021
After suffering the tragic loss of her daughter, Donna's whole world stopped turning.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Releases Daughter into Ministry and Government!!!

Jan. 19, 2021
Angelique was led by the Lord to move to California to usher in revival.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Presence of God Comes As A Mother Intercedes For Her Son!

Jan. 15, 2021
Annett was discouraged and disheartened to see the path her son was heading down. She knew that the only ONE that could change things around for her son and family was Jesus.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Holy Spirit Ministers His Love to Karina From Lithuania!!!

Jan. 14, 2021
The Holy Spirit reveals a glimpse of the Heavenly tapestry of Karina's life.

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Jesus - Shoulder Healed, Life Changed, Family Touched by God!

Jan. 13, 2021
Paula spent much time as a Christian Scientist! Jesus wanted Paula free of religion and the rigidness that held back her child like faith and love for Him as the Person of God!!!

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Jesus - New Faith, New Job, Call to Ministry!!!

Jan. 12, 2021
Junwan has overcome many things since coming to Christ and he is finding out now that his testimony/journey with the Lord is just starting.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Night Terrors Gone In Jesus' Name!!!

Jan. 11, 2021
Brandon suffered with night terrors (bad dreams) for 6 years but in moments, Jesus delivered him and he wanted to testify of what Jesus has done and how good it is to sleep!

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Truth Of God's Word Brings Emotional Healing & Transformation!!

Jan. 08, 2021
Jade came to Jesus Today Ministries seeking emotional healing.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Deliverance from Condemnation to Truth; Family Set Free!

Jan. 08, 2021
"For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God" (Deuteronomy 4:24).

Shelley loves the Lord with all her heart, but she needed help praying for some tough situations going on in her family.

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Abandonment Meets Acceptance and His Name is Jesus Our Hero!

Jan. 07, 2021
Margie loves the Lord, but something was stopping her from being able to feel and experience the love of the Lord in her life.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Fire Of God Consumes Woman and Witchcraft Is Broken!!

Dec. 29, 2020
Priscilla from Australia knew something was not right when she began to feel a distance in her relationship with the Lord and odd things began to happen in her life.

Online Personal Healing & Deliverance: Jesus Removes Spiritual Block & Restores Hope on Lunch Break!

Dec. 29, 2020
Patrick from PA reached out to Jesus Today Ministries because he felt dry and blocked in his relationship with the Lord. He is also single and waiting for that someone special.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Heals Back Pain Instantly to Woman In Spain!!!

Dec. 23, 2020
Meet Jenniffer from Spain, who reached out to Jesus Today Ministries because her marriage and relationship with her husband was suffering. She wants Jesus to restore her family.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Husband Returns, Children Healed, Wife Free to Love - JESUS

Dec. 23, 2020
Tatyana reached out to Jesus Today Ministries for prayer because her family was broken. She believed God and was crying out for God to intervene in her family.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Virus & Fever Immediate Healing In Jesus' Name!!!

Dec. 23, 2020
Meet Abiah who was very sick with virus and fever until she had an encounter with Jesus. Her family was so worried for her as she could not take water with how sore her throat was.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: God Answers Prayers Through emails and text Messages!!!

Dec. 18, 2020
God answers prayers all the time and He will use technology to do it!

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Zola Is Not Conquered Because Jesus is Her Defender!!!

Dec. 17, 2020
Nokozola from South Africa, grew up believing that she should not have hope or faith, because if she did, the opposite would happen.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Brings Complete Restoration To Life In South Africa!!

Dec. 17, 2020
Nokozola D. From South Africa reached out to Jesus Today Ministries because she just could not understand why she was always struggling the area of finances, her health and her relationships.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: No Depression and No Diabetes Healed in India by Jesus!

Date: Dec. 17, 2020

Vinod saw this YouTube Channel and wrote in for prayer.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance:Jesus Miraculously Heals Man In His Car on lunch!!

Date: Dec 17, 2020

Philip R. from FL met with Pegge Golden of Jesus Today Ministries for prayer in his car.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Brings Healing And Restoration To Whole Family!!!

Date: Dec 10, 2020

Through the Petre Family, Jesus shows us that distance does not matter. This family consisting of the parents and their children of 6, located in Romania, Spain, Vienna, and Austria, met for prayer with Pegge of

Online Personal Healing Deliverance: Maintain Your Deliverance! God Instructs After Deliverance!!

Date: Dec 9, 2020

Jonathan from Ohio gives us his amazing testimony after being prayed for by Pegge Golden of in July.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Heals Body Pain in Zimbabwe!!

Date: Dec 9, 2020

Rowson from Zimbabwe has such a desire to serve God, but he was experiencing body pain, especially in his neck and legs for 7-8 months.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus clears the Land removes pain restores birth rite!!!

Date: 12/09/2020

With every passing day, Karen from NM was feeling more and more stressed and was experiencing wide spread pain in her body.

Miracle!! Jesus Stops Man's Arm From Bleeding After Chainsaw Accident!

Date: 12/03/2020

Bill is Pegge's neighbor and while he was cutting down a tree he slipped and the chainsaw cut his arm in three places (3 main veins).

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Generational Occult Meets Jesus in Sweden

Date: 12/03/2020

Eric was struggling in his walk with the Lord. He came from Afghanistan where there was much occult in his heritage. He chose Jesus and did not want any part of the occult but was struggling for his freedom. He suffered a long time and it was now affecting his health. He desired to pray more, and to study the Bible more, but he could feel the opposition of the enemy and found it very hard to do so. He was also concerned about his family, especially his mother.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Heals Bone Spur & Arthritis & Restores Her Peace

Date: 12/02/2020

Brandi from NC was suffering physically from a bone spurs and Arthritis caused by a bunion. It definitely was affecting her ability to physically walk without experiencing pain.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Restores Sleep & Energy!!

Date: 12/02/2020

Ana O. from TX reached out to Jesus Today Ministries because for years, getting a full night's sleep was hard for her to come by.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Heals Leg and 90% Improvement Of Autism!!

Date: 11/24/2020

Pegge first ministered with Guziel from Kentucky in a miracle meeting in 2019 where she prayed for her twin daughters diagnosed with Autism. One daughter had quick improvement of 80 to 90%.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Heals spinal cord, Typhoid, & Malaria in Pakistan!!!!

Date: 11/24/2020

Norman was suffering from back pain due to a bone compressing his spinal cord. This was dangerous, painful and made it hard for him to move or walk around. Norman knows the healing power of God because he is a minister in Pakistan.

Online Personal Healing and Deliverance: Jesus Heals Ear Infection of child In Pakistan meeting!!

Date: 11/23/2020

Jesus visited and healed this endearing 5 year old's ear infection in Pakistan!! The infection was eating into his ear. The doctor was able to remove some some wax in Andrew's ear canal but the Great Physician healed all.


Date: 11/04/2020

Sophie from Africa had a history of 4 consecutive miscarriages and she had a fear something was going wrong with her current pregnancy. She reached out for prayer when all the pregnancy symptoms stopped.

Jesus Heals Barrenness!!!

Date: 10/21/2020

Praise Jesus! I have a wonderful testimony to share of what the Lord has done in my life.

Online Personal Healing with Zoom: Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy In Feet HEALED!!!

Date: 10/20/2020

Sandra is a nurse who joined in with her friend's appointment on zoom because they did not know if she would fall over or need assistance. Read this wonderful testimony of how Sandra received healing from Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy in her feet unexpectedly as she prays with her friend.

Freedom from Ritual Abuse!

Date: 10/19/2020

Karen came from an ancestral background of witchcraft and ritual abuse. Although she loved and treasured her relationship with God she always felt like “death was hounding her."

Homeless Muslim Man Accepts Jesus as his Savior

Date: 10/19/2020

Meet Michael, a homeless man who was a professed Muslim.

Finding Freedom From The Occult!

Date: 10/04/2020

Allainah From WA finds freedom from the occult!!

From Fear Bringing Heart Palpitations, To Heart Rhythm Healed!!

Date: 10/04/2020

Danete reached out to Pegge for prayer last year and was delivered from childhood trauma that affected her adult life.

PERSONAL ONLINE DELIVERANCE & HEALING: Delivered from Witchcraft & Baptized in Holy Spirit Fire!

Date: 09/29/2020

Eva reached out to Pegge for prayer, because since she was a teenager, she struggled in her thought life and was living everyday feeling so stressed.

Online Deliverance With Pegge Golden

Date: 09/25/2020

Bong Hee was delivered and healed of soul and childhood wounds, by the Father's love!

Personal Online Healing & Deliverance Anger Spiritual Bondage Marriage Problems Transformed by Jesus

Date: 09/24/2020

Rahel reached out for prayer because she was having anxiety and heaviness, as well as struggling in her marriage.

Online deliverance and Healing! Jesus Sets the Captives Free!!!

Date: 09/15/2020

Meet Ivan from Chicago. Ivan grew up in church but he also found out that he can live his life outside of God by making choices that do not line up with the Word of God.

Jesus Restores Joy and Hope in Kuwait!!

Date: 09/07/2020

Julie and her daughter received a visit in Kuwait from the Great Physician, The Comforter and The Lover of Her Soul.

Online Miraculous Deliverance

Date: 8/28/2020

Kitty from Kentucky contacted Jesus Today Ministries seeking Jesus to deliver and heal both her and her family.

Pakistan Meeting & Ministry 8.16.20

Date: 8/16/2020

Join Jesus Today Ministries, as Pegge Golden teaches and ministers to Victory For the Kingdom Church in Pakistan.

Jesus Heals 94 Yr Old Holocaust Survivor of Dementia & Back Pain

Date: 8/28/2020

It is our honor to meet 94 year old Else Louise, an amazing and precious Holocaust Survivor. Else Louise had an encounter with Yeshua (Jesus) in an unexpected way.

Miraculous Healing from Lifetime of Rejection that Made Her Life "Miserable.

Date: 8/22/2020

In Angie’s words, she had “all day battles” that made life absolutely “miserable”. She suffered for years with rejection from herself and others as well as self-doubt.

Diabetic Retinopathy Healed Through Prayer In Jesus’ Name!

Date: 8/20/2020

Listen to this amazing testimony of Nadia's husband, whose livelihood as a truck driver was threatened by a condition of the eye known as Diabetic Retinopathy

Pakistan Leadership Meeting

Date: 8/8/2020

Description: Pastor Pegge Golden was led to teach on Matthew 4 where Jesus Himself was hungry, thirsty, cold and suffering. Jesus knew without doubt through His trials and tribulations, that He was never alone, but He was edified, encouraged and exhorted by God Himself, to go forward and complete the mission.

Online Deliverance from Porn and Video Games

Date: 8/9/2020

Jonathan contacted Jesus Today Ministries because he was having severe pain in his heart. He would even go to the dr’s thinking he was having a heart attack. The doctors could not find nothing wrong. He knew something was wrong and he believed it was demonic, so he reached out for prayer.

God Heals Tumors, Cracked Skull and Fibroids in Namibia, So. Africa

Date: 7/9/2020

Faith was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent a six hour surgery in 2017. They were unable to get all of the tumors. She had been to many faith healers but to no avail and finally cried out to God, "Isn't there anyone on this earth that You can use to heal me?"

Deliverance Ministry Addiction and Autism

Date: 6/11/2020

Meet Melissa from Brisbane, who suffered sexual trauma as a young girl, which manifested into a lifestyle of anger, promiscuity and drug addiction. She suffered so much from generational darkness and asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior.

Jesus the Great Physician Makes House Call on Autism, ADD, Digestive Issues and Scoliosis!!!

Date: 5/7/2020

This beautiful family wrote in for prayer and made an appointment to be prayed for over the phone. Hear and see them testify of what God has done just after only 2 phone appointments.

God Brings Freedom From Nightmares and Demonic Attacks

Date: 5/8/2020

For 8 years, Angie and her daughter were attacked spiritually with nightmares and other various demonic attacks and manifestations. Angie sought help from doctors and pastors in her community and each time, she found no answers; in fact she was left feeling abandoned, until one day, God reveal a better way and that she is "His favorite child".

God Removed Lump on Thyroid!

Date: 5/13/2020

Jubie was healed one week ago of a lump on her throat that the Holy Spirit revealed as a generational sickness. She was also delivered from spirits of fear and chest pain. Her whole family was so excited they came to hear her testify of God's Goodness! The rest of her family was also prayed for receiving a divine touch from God. We look forward to their upcoming testimonies.

Online Deliverance

Date: 5/31/2020

Meet Bobbi from Texas, whose family was set free from generational curses which resulted in multiple breakthroughs, miracles, and financial blessings. After a life of addiction, wrong choices, stagnation and setback she and her family are now free!

Miracle Meeting in Ireland

Date: 11/01/2019

Join me as I teach about loving yourself as Jesus loves you..