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Date: 11/04/2020

Sophie from Africa had a history of 4 consecutive miscarriages and she had a fear something was going wrong with her current pregnancy. She reached out for prayer when all the pregnancy symptoms stopped.

Jesus Heals Barrenness!!!

Date: 10/21/2020

Praise Jesus! I have a wonderful testimony to share of what the Lord has done in my life.

Online Personal Healing with Zoom: Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy In Feet HEALED!!!

Date: 10/20/2020

Sandra is a nurse who joined in with her friend's appointment on zoom because they did not know if she would fall over or need assistance. Read this wonderful testimony of how Sandra received healing from Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy in her feet unexpectedly as she prays with her friend.

Freedom from Ritual Abuse!

Date: 10/19/2020

Karen came from an ancestral background of witchcraft and ritual abuse. Although she loved and treasured her relationship with God she always felt like “death was hounding her."

Homeless Muslim Man Accepts Jesus as his Savior

Date: 10/19/2020

Meet Michael, a homeless man who was a professed Muslim.

Finding Freedom From The Occult!

Date: 10/04/2020

Allainah From WA finds freedom from the occult!!

From Fear Bringing Heart Palpitations, To Heart Rhythm Healed!!

Date: 10/04/2020

Danete reached out to Pegge for prayer last year and was delivered from childhood trauma that affected her adult life.

PERSONAL ONLINE DELIVERANCE & HEALING: Delivered from Witchcraft & Baptized in Holy Spirit Fire!

Date: 09/29/2020

Eva reached out to Pegge for prayer, because since she was a teenager, she struggled in her thought life and was living everyday feeling so stressed.

Online Deliverance With Pegge Golden

Date: 09/25/2020

Bong Hee was delivered and healed of soul and childhood wounds, by the Father's love!

Personal Online Healing & Deliverance Anger Spiritual Bondage Marriage Problems Transformed by Jesus

Date: 09/24/2020

Rahel reached out for prayer because she was having anxiety and heaviness, as well as struggling in her marriage.

Online deliverance and Healing! Jesus Sets the Captives Free!!!

Date: 09/15/2020

Meet Ivan from Chicago. Ivan grew up in church but he also found out that he can live his life outside of God by making choices that do not line up with the Word of God.

Jesus Restores Joy and Hope in Kuwait!!

Date: 09/07/2020

Julie and her daughter received a visit in Kuwait from the Great Physician, The Comforter and The Lover of Her Soul.

Online Miraculous Deliverance

Date: 8/28/2020

Kitty from Kentucky contacted Jesus Today Ministries seeking Jesus to deliver and heal both her and her family.

Pakistan Meeting & Ministry 8.16.20

Date: 8/16/2020

Join Jesus Today Ministries, as Pegge Golden teaches and ministers to Victory For the Kingdom Church in Pakistan.

Jesus Heals 94 Yr Old Holocaust Survivor of Dementia & Back Pain

Date: 8/28/2020

It is our honor to meet 94 year old Else Louise, an amazing and precious Holocaust Survivor. Else Louise had an encounter with Yeshua (Jesus) in an unexpected way.

Miraculous Healing from Lifetime of Rejection that Made Her Life "Miserable.

Date: 8/22/2020

In Angie’s words, she had “all day battles” that made life absolutely “miserable”. She suffered for years with rejection from herself and others as well as self-doubt.

Diabetic Retinopathy Healed Through Prayer In Jesus’ Name!

Date: 8/20/2020

Listen to this amazing testimony of Nadia's husband, whose livelihood as a truck driver was threatened by a condition of the eye known as Diabetic Retinopathy

Pakistan Leadership Meeting

Date: 8/8/2020

Description: Pastor Pegge Golden was led to teach on Matthew 4 where Jesus Himself was hungry, thirsty, cold and suffering. Jesus knew without doubt through His trials and tribulations, that He was never alone, but He was edified, encouraged and exhorted by God Himself, to go forward and complete the mission.

Online Deliverance from Porn and Video Games

Date: 8/9/2020

Jonathan contacted Jesus Today Ministries because he was having severe pain in his heart. He would even go to the dr’s thinking he was having a heart attack. The doctors could not find nothing wrong. He knew something was wrong and he believed it was demonic, so he reached out for prayer.

God Heals Tumors, Cracked Skull and Fibroids in Namibia, So. Africa

Date: 7/9/2020

Faith was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent a six hour surgery in 2017. They were unable to get all of the tumors. She had been to many faith healers but to no avail and finally cried out to God, "Isn't there anyone on this earth that You can use to heal me?"

Deliverance Ministry Addiction and Autism

Date: 6/11/2020

Meet Melissa from Brisbane, who suffered sexual trauma as a young girl, which manifested into a lifestyle of anger, promiscuity and drug addiction. She suffered so much from generational darkness and asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior.

Jesus the Great Physician Makes House Call on Autism, ADD, Digestive Issues and Scoliosis!!!

Date: 5/7/2020

This beautiful family wrote in for prayer and made an appointment to be prayed for over the phone. Hear and see them testify of what God has done just after only 2 phone appointments.

God Brings Freedom From Nightmares and Demonic Attacks

Date: 5/8/2020

For 8 years, Angie and her daughter were attacked spiritually with nightmares and other various demonic attacks and manifestations. Angie sought help from doctors and pastors in her community and each time, she found no answers; in fact she was left feeling abandoned, until one day, God reveal a better way and that she is "His favorite child".

God Removed Lump on Thyroid!

Date: 5/13/2020

Jubie was healed one week ago of a lump on her throat that the Holy Spirit revealed as a generational sickness. She was also delivered from spirits of fear and chest pain. Her whole family was so excited they came to hear her testify of God's Goodness! The rest of her family was also prayed for receiving a divine touch from God. We look forward to their upcoming testimonies.

Online Deliverance

Date: 5/31/2020

Meet Bobbi from Texas, whose family was set free from generational curses which resulted in multiple breakthroughs, miracles, and financial blessings. After a life of addiction, wrong choices, stagnation and setback she and her family are now free!

Miracle Meeting in Ireland

Date: 11/01/2019

Join me as I teach about loving yourself as Jesus loves you..